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Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Goes Gold Ahead Of June Release

Blizzard has announced that its upcoming monolithic gothic RPG, Diablo 4, has gone gold ahead of its launch in early June. This is a breath of fresh air for fans after the game was rife with multiple complications over the years, including delays.

The news also follows some successful playtests, both open and closed, that the dev used to modify the game based on player feedback. Stuff like bugs and glitches were obviously going to be stamped out, but they also listened to feedback and lessened the need to backtrack in dungeons, increased the spawn rate of events inside dungeons, and more.

We also have to address what a busy month June will be. Gamers have Street Fighter 6 dropping on June 2, right before Diablo 4 on the 6, and then at the tail-end of the month, we’ve got Final Fantasy XVI releasing on the 22.

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