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Dead Island 2, man jogging

Dead Island 2 Is No Longer Coming To PS4

Oh man, it’s looking like Dead Island 2 isn’t coming to current-gen consoles, such as the PS4. At least that’s according to some job listings quoted by gaming analyst MauroNL.

This certainly isn’t too shocking that the game is shifting gears yet again. The game has not been able to hold down consistent development since basically its announcement.

Back in 2014, when it was announced, Yager, the studio behind games like Spec Ops: The Line, was working on the project. In 2015, though, the studio changed, though at the time no one was sure what studio would replace Yager until in 2016 when Digital Sumo took the helm.

In August 2019, though, the studio changed again to Dambuster and so far that’s the developer Deep Silver’s keeping around. To be fair, by the time the game comes out, the PS5 will probably be the “current-gen” consoles.

What do you think? Does it matter what generation Dead Island 2 is a part of if we still don’t know its release date? Tell us below!

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