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Away: The Survival Series Turns You Into A Sugar Glider

Announced during State of Play, Away: The Survival Series is a game that puts you in the metaphorical shoes of a Sugar Glider, a member of the possum family. To win, you survive Mother Nature’s harsh truth that not every animal is equal.

The game takes place years in the future. As your furry-self, you can climb, glide, and jump your way through the heavily-wooded forests. Your only method of survival is sneaking away from predators and finding potential meals.

Away: The Survival Series has been in development for the past three years by Breaking Walls. The picked style was an attempt to make you feel like you’re watching a nature documentary.

There was no release date disclosed.

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4 years ago

Could be interesting as i used to breed sugargliders, one issue i see with the trailer though is the amount of time on the ground does not reflect actual sugargliders as they avoid the ground most of the time.

I hope they include all the vocalizations they make as well, they make some really frightening sounds (especially crabbing). The crabbing sound is normally only made when you(or something) disturbs their nest, and it can be so loud that you’d swear there was an animal the size of a wolverine in there.

They did seem to at least get the viscousness of them pretty close. They may be cute as hell but seeing them kill is like watching a special forces operator in action, no conscious, extraordinary reflexes, and highly tactical.

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