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Anthem Was Forced Out After Only 15 Months In Development

In 2019, BioWare released Anthem, a game poised to be another stellar sci-fi game under the studio’s belt. Well, it didn’t go according to plan and received middling reception and poor customer reviews. Turns out, it may have something to do with its short development time.

Ian Saterdalen took to Twitter to reveal that most developers behind the game knew it wasn’t ready, but the higher-ups wanted it out the door, even if that meant releasing an unfinished game after only 15 months of development time. Supposedly, they were subjected to 90-hour work weeks, and that led to at least Saterdalen needing therapy afterwards.

Even so, if it was properly worked on with reasonable deadlines and its scope in check, it could’ve been a great game, and he feels like it was a mistake shelving Anthem before its NEXT update was released. He does encourage people to spread positivity and not bring hate, something we can get behind — shouting at BioWare and EA will not make either company change its mind.

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