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Top 8 Most Anticipated PlayStation Games to Play in 2024

Last year set a high bar for quality video game releases, and 2024 so far isn’t quite clearing it. The pandemic screwed up production schedules for countless big-budget video games, and as a result, 2023’s game-release schedule ended up with a logjam of incredible games that came out week after week.

This year could’ve used some of that sizzle, as many projects still have “to be determined” tags added to their release dates. But 2024 will at least start out very strong, especially in the first quarter. Here is our selection of the best PS5 games of 2024, the release dates of which are already known.

Most Anticipated PlayStation Games

#1 Tekken 8 (January 26)

Fighting games had a significant year in 2023, introducing new installments in the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat franchises that received better feedback than their previous iterations. Tekken 8 may carry on this success, featuring an impressive roster of 32 characters and a commitment to aggressive gameplay. Moreover, it appears poised to deliver an explosive finale to the Mishima saga, promising climactic story events.

#2 Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (February 29)

In 1997, Cloud Strife and his comrades captivated the world, and the recent release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake showcased the enduring allure of the story, even when viewed from a new perspective. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is leveraging the immense excitement generated by the Remake, positioning itself as the next blockbuster installment in the legendary RPG series. With a PlayStation exclusivity window of at least three months, few games can rival the anticipation surrounding this highly anticipated PS5 title in 2024.

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#3 Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (January 26)

The Japanese crime drama series, known as Yakuza in the past but now titled The 18-year-old, has been steadily gaining traction among viewers. It surprised and pleased fans with its successful transition to old-school, turn-based gameplay. This unexpected yet well-received change involved shifting focus from a highly adored protagonist to a new character, Ichiban Kasuga, an optimistic unemployed individual in his forties. The audience had no complaints as they were captivated by the exceptional storytelling and well-developed characters. In the latest chapter, Ichiban embarks on a journey to Hawaii to delve deeper into his personal history, striving to leave behind a life of crime and choose the path of righteousness.

#4 Helldivers 2 (February 8)

Helldivers 2 completely revamps its predecessor, transitioning from a twin-stick shooter to a third-person view. While retaining a strong emphasis on cooperative gameplay, this 2024 title offers an exhilarating experience for those seeking fun with friends. With its impressive loadout customization and expansive maps demanding strategic mastery, Helldivers 2 presents a compelling blend of intricate mechanics and immersive challenges.

#5 Dragon’s Dogma 2 (March 22)

Fans of the underrated game Dragon’s Dogma often discuss its popularity and love, despite it being less widely played compared to mainstream hits. Therefore, the announcement of a release date for Dragon’s Dogma 2 is exciting. This sequel is expected to enhance the already impressive combat mechanics and bring to life ideas that couldn’t be fully realized in the original. As a result, anticipation is high, and there is a chance that it may become a standout success.

#6 Helldivers 2 (February 8)

This year, we might finally witness the release of the sequel to the psychological horror action game “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” after years of anticipation. Xbox has faced challenges in securing exclusive titles, but “Senua’s Saga” aims to demonstrate the console’s capability for delivering photorealistic storytelling. Although the exact release date is yet to be scheduled, it is likely to hit the market in late 2024.

#7 Rise Of The Ronin (March 22)

Team Ninja, renowned for the intense action challenges found in games like Nioh and Ninja Gaiden, presents Rise of the Ronin. This new samurai adventure is set to release exclusively on PlayStation 5 in 2024, standing out amidst the system’s catalog. It offers thrilling action animation, a range of weapons and gear, and an intriguing historical setting, creating a package that appears to be a surefire success.

This or one of the other releases may be delayed in your region. If you want to try the game sooner, use VeePN and change your PSN server. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get to know the game before all your friends.

#8 Black Myth: Wukong (August 19)

The Black Myth: Wukong trailers have generated a lot of buzz for their unique interpretation of Journey to the West. These trailers exhibit stunning setpieces and action scenes that promise consistent highlights throughout the game. Developer Game Science, although inexperienced in developing on such a grand scale, seems to have everything in terms of gameplay looking promising. However, the anticipation has been tampered with criticism due to previous developer comments that revealed questionable views on sex and other subjects.


There are many more promising titles that are planned for launch in 2024. However, the upcoming games are likely to be released on time, and those planned for the second half of the year have a high chance of being released with a delay. Let’s focus on the games listed here for now.