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The World of Warcraft For the First time: What Do Beginners Need To Know?

World of Warcraft is an interesting computer game that has remained popular for many years. What is the secret of such a success of the World of Warcraft brand? There are a number of reasons. 

Firstly, the game initially had an unusual look for its time. An exciting plot with unusual twists, unique characters and interesting tasks. The game gradually developed, keeping up with the times. The creators introduced the most innovative technologies into the game. 

Another secret is just the developers of the game. From the very beginning, the creators put their whole soul into the game, showing maximum ingenuity and creativity. They felt the time like no one else and made a product that was relevant to the players. 

Another important detail is regular updates. In World of Warcraft, more and more new additions to the game are regularly released and players are looking forward to them. 

About the uniqueness and success story said, let’s move on to tips for beginners of the game. 

Select a role and class

An important task for every player who plays World of Warcraft for the first time is to choose a role and a class. It is very important to enjoy playing as a character, because otherwise World Of Wacrcraft will get bored pretty quickly. When choosing, pay attention to the strength and relevance of the class in the current supplement, however, take into account personal preferences. You can show good results and find a team to complete raids or difficult dungeons, regardless of class, specialization and role. The difference is only in the time and effort that will have to be spent.

Game server 

The choice of a game server is one of the main points worth paying attention to. If you are going to conquer raids in high difficulty or you plan to actively trade at an auction, then you should find a densely populated server. In all other respects, there is no difference on which server you are playing, since a cross-server is running everywhere. You also need to remember that there is an inter-factional auction on all game servers. If you wanted to choose the most populated servers, then for the Alliance your path should lie on Gordunni, for the Horde it is a Soul Flenser and a Roaring Fjord. If you are from the Far East or Siberia, but your heart entirely belongs to the Horde, then you can recommend the Ash Forest.

Continuous training

To achieve cool results, you need to develop yourself constantly. You can get knowledge and practice from literally anywhere. Start by watching video reviews and gamers’ channels. An illustrative example is always akin to experience. So you will look at the technique of the game of other players, you will gain knowledge that you will put into practice.

We also recommend getting acquainted with the boosting system in games. Wow raid boost, buying game currency, completing difficult tasks. Boosting at the beginning will be a reason not to lose interest in the game and enjoy it! But don’t abuse it! Abuse of boosting will turn your game into an empty pastime and a loss of funds.


Communities are the same as guilds, but the ones where players, depending on the faction, gather according to their interests. But no longer within the framework of one server, all game servers are covered, including servers of other language groups.

You can continue to be a member of your guild and simultaneously be a member of a dozen or even a hundred different communities. Players can even create their own community with a simple click of a button.

Epochal dungeons with a key

These are practically the same dungeons that you went through, only more difficult. And the higher the key level, the more difficult it becomes. There are also various modifiers that complicate the passage.

We hope that this article will be useful for you and you will definitely put all your knowledge into practice. World of Warcraft is not easy, but very interesting and exciting! We are sure that your first difficult steps will pave the way to the big world of an amazing game! Play with pleasure, attract friends and win!

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