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The Best Indie Games You Should Try On Your PlayStation

The PlayStation has a reputation for its extensive catalog of triple-A blockbusters. From Hogwarts Legacy to Diablo 4, most of 2023’s biggest games have dropped on the PS4 and PS5. And many more hits in the making are slated for release on Sony’s flagship consoles, starting with Mortal Kombat 11 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage. But now and then, an indie gem finds a way among that crammed collection of high-production-value titles. So, let’s explore some memorable indie video games on the PlayStation.


Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is one of the most highly-rated RPGs on the PS5. But this noir murder mystery isn’t your typical combat-heavy RPG. In this indie title, players step into the shoes of a washed-up detective with amnesia and a drinking problem. Awaking from a hangover, this unnamed protagonist is tasked to elucidate the causes behind a man’s death, whose identity is as puzzling as the circumstances of his passing.

To wrap up this enigmatic investigation, he must navigate an open world full of NPCs to interact with to unlock invaluable clues through an innovative system of skill checks and dialogue paths. Aside from its unique mechanics, the game’s impactful narrative transitions seamlessly between heart-wrenching drama and dark humor, all underpinned by gorgeous visuals evocative of oil paintings. With its storytelling depth and subversive gameplay structure, Disco Elysium truly feels like an epic novel.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits tells the story of a young spirit guide on a quest to find the sacred Mountain Shrine to allow traumatized souls to cross into the spirit world. With the help of the adorable spirit companions she collects along the way, which boast the ability to decompose rotting elements, this unlikely hero will bring balance to her corrupted world. Ultimately, she will lift the strange curse that unleased deadly creatures across the land.

Known as the Rot, these shy monsters can be directed to perform tasks during combat, such as distracting enemies for Kena to defeat them with her magical powers. With its Pixar-esque aesthetics inspired by Indonesian folklore, this story-driven soulslike title feels at times like a child-friendly – and less frustratingly difficult – take on Dark Souls. Yet, it manages to weave a mature narrative tapestry tackling meaningful topics like death and grief. Tellingly, Kena won Best Independent Game at the Game Awards.



Originally released on PC and Nintendo Switch, Hades eventually landed on PlayStation to commercial and critical acclaim. This action-packed rogue-lite dungeon explorer has you defy the Greek god of the dead as Hades’ own son. Seeking to slip past his fearsome father to reunite with his mother, Prince Zagreus attempts to pull off the Herculean feat of escaping the underworld. Yet, each setback sends him back to square one. Gamers up for a challenge have a lot to unpack with this notoriously hard-to-beat title, thus.

Hades also plays out its mythological theme to a tee, renewing the interest in ancient Greece in the gaming sphere. Even the iGaming industry jumped on the Greek bandwagon with machine slots featuring iconic Olympians, such as Novomatic’s Coin of Apollo or Pragmatic Play’s Zeus vs. Hades Gods of War. And players can grab bonuses to test out many more Greek-centric pokies. For instance, free spins no deposit bonuses are available upon signup. These offers allow newcomers to try out a casino’s library without putting money on the table. Free spins also trigger extra chances to play and max out potential winnings. Users can therefore explore thousands of pokies risk-free, including 3D and video slots.


Cult of the Lamb

At first glance, Cult of the Lamb seems like your run-of-the-mill casual game full of cutesy characters. Yet, looks can be deceiving as this action-adventure title quickly ventures into far more mischievous territories. The central protagonist is a lamb who becomes possessed after being resurrected by an enigmatic deity. In payment of this debt of blood, this not-so-disinterested benefactor demands that a cult be established in their honor. As a newly-appointed cult leader, your mission is to spread the word far and wide.

So, attract devout followers in droves by constructing sanctuaries and enrapturing your flock with impassioned sermons. Skeptics might be reluctant to join the fold, though. Hence, evangelizing may mean taking forceful measures to assert your doctrine’s supremacy – and purge the non-believers. A worldwide phenomenon in 2022, this base building game meets roguelike dungeon crawling is every bit as addictive as it sounds.

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