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PlayStation’s New Capabilities Offer Unique Perspectives for the ESports Industry

PCs have always been winners in eSports. Consoles couldn’t stand the competition with their 30 FPS lock and blurry visuals. But the PS5 release has changed that. 

New Framerate Unlocked 

FPS is crucial in eSports. The more frames a player can see, the more chances to react he gets. 144 has been an FPS minimum for a long time. Before PS5 came out, PlayStations could offer only 30. 

This number of frames isn’t only a handicap for players and a flaw for viewers. 30 FPS picture feels slow and irritating. It’s especially true if you’ve spent any time before looking into 60+ FPS screens. 

Now, PS offers 60 and 120 frames per second. It creates much better eSports conditions, which attracts more players and facilitates PS5 growth.

4K Resolution Persists 

A higher frame rate loads your hardware, so many systems can’t pull off 4K resolutions and 60 – 120 at once. PS5 can.

A fifth-generation console features an AMD 8 core/16 threads CPU, a 2.23 Hz AMD GPU with Ray Tracing Acceleration, and 16 GB of GDDR6 RAm. This mix creates enough computing power to hold 4K at 60 – 120 FPS without drops.

In the first place, this change touches eSports viewers. It’s much more pleasing to spectate a competitive match with a sharp and smooth picture. But in some games, the resolution is important for players, too.

For instance, in Apex Legends, characters can blend in with their surroundings. A sharp picture prevents that. With 4K, spotting an enemy’s character is much easier, even when he tries to mask himself.

Games That Benefit From These Changes 

FPS and resolution changes are beneficial to all the games. But several projects, which are now trending PS5 eSports games, value from them to the biggest extent. Let’s check them out.

Mortal Kombat 1

When your game series becomes so popular that they shoot movies about it, you know it’s a success. Mortal Kombat has several movies.

Mortal Kombat 1 is the twentieth game in the series that takes root in the 90s. Its gameplay is easy. You pick one of the characters and fight against another player. 

It looks easy on paper. But in practice, the game is about honing your combinations and catching your opponents into them. It takes split seconds. And that’s when PS5’s improved frame rate helps. 

However, be prepared for awkward transitions between 30 FPS in intros and fatalities and 60 FPS in gameplay. But that’s rather a cinematography feature than a drawback.

Apex Legends 

Any shooter is highly dynamic. Players move around trying to damage you, and you must respond. In Apex, it’s X2.

The game features many movement tricks, elaborate terrain, and abilities. All of this is more convenient to use at 120 FPS. 

Before PS5 came out, most Apex Legends were on PC. Many of them wielded gamepads. Now, they can do it as they should on consoles.

EA FC 24

One of the traditional games to play on PS is FIFA. The recent game of the series has lost its iconic name and now is just Football Club 24. However, the gameplay persisted.

It’s all about creating your dream team and posing it against others. Just like in actual soccer, FC demands a good reaction time. Improved FPS helps with that.

That’s the main reason EA FC 24 transitioned from PC to PS5. For instance, the FIFAe Nations Cup is held solely on PlayStation 5. By the way, it’s a massive eSports event with a $1,000,000 prize pool. It entails some profit capabilities. Choose the best site and bet online on the Nations Cup and use its increased odds.

NBA 2K24 

Don’t like soccer? Then you must be a basketball guy! NBA 2K24 is a game that mimics a current National Basketball Association, and you’ll like it.

It has different modes. But in eSports, the most popular is when each competitor controls their player. Thus, matches are 5v5.

Just as with soccer, a smooth picture is important for NBA 2K players. PS5 gives them it.

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