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PlayStation Plus Presents “As Dusk Falls” 

“As Dusk Falls” takes you on an intriguing adventure unlike any other you might have experienced in the world of gaming. It’s uniquely crafted as a choose-your-own-adventure game, where the fate of two families intertwines based on the decisions you make for them.

Unlike traditional action-packed games where your success depends on how quickly you shoot or dodge danger, “As Dusk Falls” invites you to immerse yourself in a story that unfolds according to your choices.

It’s an experience that promises not just entertainment but a deep dive into the consequences of actions and decisions.

Special PlayStation Plus Offer for “As Dusk Falls”

“As Dusk Falls” stands out as a character-driven game where every decision you make shapes the narrative. You’re not just selecting whether to run or shoot; you’re deciding the course of your characters’ lives. It’s complex and intriguing, making it essential to really consider if this style of gameplay matches your preferences. Eric, from our review team, thoroughly enjoyed the depth and uniqueness of the game, awarding it an 8.8 nearly eighteen months ago when it was still an Xbox-exclusive title.

Now, after being eagerly anticipated by PlayStation fans, “As Dusk Falls” has made its grand entrance into the PlayStation universe. Complete with exciting new features tailored for the platform, one standout addition is the use of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback, enhancing the immersion of this already captivating game.

To commemorate this launch, PlayStation Plus is treating subscribers to an exclusive peek with the first hour of “As Dusk Falls” available for free. This special trial can be accessed directly through the PlayStation Store. What’s the best part? Any progress made will be seamlessly carried over should you decide to purchase the full game. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to narrative-driven adventures, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the unique storytelling of “As Dusk Falls”.

Where to Find “As Dusk Falls”

Finding “As Dusk Falls” and its free 1-hour trial is easy! Head over to the PlayStation Store on your console or via their website. Here, you’ll find it ready for you to start your adventure. But that’s not all – if you have an Xbox or prefer gaming on your PC, you’re in luck. Previous versions of “As Dusk Falls” are available on the Xbox Marketplace and Xbox Games Pass, as well as on Steam, Gog, and the Epic Games Store.

And for those who love the feel of a physical game in their hands, keep an eye out later this spring for its physical release! Just like enjoying the anticipation of a new game, taking a break with some light entertainment can be refreshing. For instance, playing slots at FanDuel Casino offers a similar thrill and excitement, providing an enjoyable diversion for those moments.