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Readers’ Game of the Year

Readers' Game of the Year

After telling you what games we liked this year, we wanted to
let you know what you, the readers of PSX Extreme thought was most deserving of
GOTY. Several hundred people responded to our poll, and while they were only
able to vote for the games on the list, it looks like only 5% of the people liked
something we didn't include. Now, on to the show…

GTA: San


San Andreas received a huge percentage of the vote, but no love from us
crazy editors. We're just wacky like that.
(Runner-up) MGS3: Snake Eater

We gave it GOTY year, and you gave it second place, not too shabby. This
game seems to be growing in popularity as people finally get tired of San
Andreas and Halo 2, and start checking out Snake's latest adventure.

NFS: Underground 2

Arnold dug the PC version because it was the most polished,  but you
guys still dug it on the PS2. Unlike other sites, our readers aren't graphics
whores and were able to have a blast with NFSU2. Good for you!

Madden 2005

Maybe because it was released in August, people have forgotten about how
good this game is. Maybe they're just tired of paying $50 every year for a game
that hasn't evolved much the last few version.
Madden didn't get too much love in our poll. It's the only game in town next
year, so you'd better learn to love it.

None of the above

What could these mystery games have been? Ace Combat? Killzone? The world
may never know.

Burnout 3

This one was pretty shocking, not only because we liked it so much, but
because arcade racers usually are big hits with the peeps. What's not to love?
The crashes? The speed? The graphics? The tight control?

Ratchet and Clank 3

For some reason, Ratchet and Clank have never done it for me, and it
doesn't look like you guys are too into them either. I'll be waiting for this
one to drop to $20 before I get it, and from the looks of it, I'm not alone.

Jak 3 3%

See the comments for Ratchet and Clank. Yawn.

Katamari Damacy

This is sad. 1%? This game is crazy good, and it's crazy cheap. Don't
underestimate how much fun it is to roll a ball over an entire city, collecting
all the trinkets, toys, pets, people, cars, trees, and buildings as you go.

Earth is filled with many things.

THUG 2 1%

It looks like the Tony Hawk series has finally run out of steam. This is
a very solid game, but this series seems to be best if you play it every other

I know we say after every end of the year article that we're done, but it's
Dec 31st, so we mean it this time. Have a safe and happy new year!

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