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PSX Extreme’s “Extreme Duds” of 2004

PSX Extreme's "Extreme Duds" of 2004

We were fortunate not to have reviewed a ton of stinkers here at
PSX Extreme this year, but that doesn't mean we didn't play our share. You've
seen our Game of the Year awards, and our Extreme Picks, so it's time to take a
look at the worst games we had the misfortune of playing this year. We've
highlighted the quotes that best capture our thoughts on the game, so sit back
and enjoy the awfulness of our Extreme Duds.

The Guy Game

PSX Extreme Review Score: 3.5

"Most adults can find cheaper and better ways to see naked women, and even
drunk frat boys have more sense than this."

" Mom, it’s just a trivia game! I'm going upstairs to play trivia for 3 hours!
Mom, do we have anymore Kleenex?!

"If two or three friends were coming over to spend a night of gaming on your
couch, would your first, second, or even tenth choice be a party trivia game?
No. No, it wouldn't. I'm sure a few of you out there even responded with an
emphatic "Hell No!" and then gulped down a swig of Budweiser. "

"As trivia games go, The Guy Game is one of the worst."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus PSX Extreme Review Score: 3.5

"It’s just as riddled with problems as the last game."

"There’s a new double jump, which is near impossible to
perform on the first try, and it seems to have only been added because the
developers hate the people that bought the game."

"It’s pretty bad when you can’t even get your A.I to show
some enthusiasm for the game, is it not?"

"Battle Nexus supports four-player simultaneous play, but
unless your friends are mentally challenged, they’ll probably decline to play
longer than five minutes."

"The game’s lousy, there was no effort put into it, and it’s
nothing more than a waste of time and money."


PSX Extreme Review Score: 4.9

"The game’s got a bevy of problems, including boring
gameplay, a horrendous framerate, and lousy aiming."

"The button mapping is poor, the sniping is barely
functional, your soldiers can’t jump, and the aiming is downright miserable."

"Soldiers will “hide” in rooms and do nothing as you beat
them with your weapon."

"Once you see Killzone in motion (I use the term “motion”
loosely) it looks rather awful. The biggest problem is the framerate, which
somehow managed to be very slow and very erratic throughout the entire game."

"If you’re dying for an online shooter, then you need to go
buy an Xbox, and get Halo 2. If you can’t afford an Xbox, have someone buy you
one, and go get Halo 2."


PSX Extreme Review Score: 4.8

"Hopes were high for Driver 3, but sadly the game disappoints
in almost every single way imaginable."

"Police cars will get stuck ramming walls, poles, rails and
any other non-destructible object should you give them the slip."

"In a twisted way this ( the horrible auto-aim) makes the
game’s pathetic AI a good thing because you can simply run up and shoot someone
in the face and they won’t move at all."

"If you toss in a chugging framerate that can make 80mph look
more like 30mph, you’ll have to wonder exactly what the developers did with all
their time since the last Driver game (no, the broken Stuntman isn’t a valid

"You’d think that with Ving Rhames, Michael Madsen, Iggy Pop,
Mickey Rourke and Michelle Rodriguez the game would have good voice acting, at
least if you put aside the fact that they’re all B and C-list actors, but you’d
be wrong."

"As a result of the all-mighty dollar, Atari and Reflections
have shoveled out a buggy, unfinished and uninspired game (2.5 million of them
to be exact). Don’t waste your money purchasing this game, don’t waste cash
renting it, and don’t waste your time borrowing it from someone."

So there you have it – our worst games of 2005. As crazy as it
may seem, some of you guys like the games on this list, and that's cool; you're
obviously much more forgiving than we are. Don't hate us for hating on your
favorite game, just take satisfaction in knowing that you had a great time with
it, and we suffered. See you next year!

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