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Here’s What I Think (Online Play)

* "Here's What I Think" will be a semi-regular feature here
on PSX Extreme. If you want to share your opinions on an article or make
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A lot of people think online gaming is fantastic. Here's what I think: THEY'RE WRONG. Before you get all fired up and send me emails like "U R a
st00pid n00b and u r gAy" let me explain myself. I think the concept behind
online gaming is great. When you get older you typically find yourself with
fewer and fewer people to play games with. Some people decide they'd rather have
"jobs" and "wives" rather than sitting around playing Halo 2 after they get off
from their jobs at 7-11, leaving you with two options if you want to play a
competitive game: play against the computer, or start playing online games.
Since 95% of the time playing against the computer sucks because of rubber band
AI, you putting it on easy because you don't want a challenge, or the game
deciding there's no way in hell you're winning that particular game or race,
getting online is really the only option for real competition – in theory .

In theory you can get online and quickly find someone of your skill level
that wants to play the same mode, levels, and rules as you. In the entire
history of online gaming this has never happened. Here's what usually occurs:

If by chance you are able to get a game started, the pain is just beginning.
Here's why:

The good news is online gaming can get better. Really, it can't get any
worse, so it can only get better. Here's what needs to be done to make it

I'm not claiming to have all the answers, but I do think I've got most of
them. Online play is still in its infancy but developers and magazines
(Electronic Gaming Monthly in particular) have been promising this magical world
where we can play against people from around the world and have wonderful,
competitive games. It hasn't happened yet, but it can. Just follow my ideas.

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