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Consoles versus Mobiles: Which Gaming Platform Reigns Supreme?

The video game industry has risen to new records, surpassing the film and music industry…even if they merged their revenue together! Much of the revenue from the gaming industry is thanks to the generous contribution of the mobile market, which in recent years, have more or less supplied a whopping 50% of the entire industry’s profit. Sales from consoles follow suit, being only a runner-up for first place despite being older than the idea of mobile gaming itself. While financial statistics may side with mobile games, which is actually better as a whole gaming experience?

Remote Play

Console: The Gamer’s Choice

Console gaming takes multiple forms: PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. Gaming consoles are usually what people think about when they imagine what gamers look like and there are many amazing games that are exclusive to consoles, further sharpening their edge and identity in the market.

Powerful Hardware

Very few can match the processing power of modern consoles, allowing it to seamlessly render spectacular visuals that often even look better than reality. This is especially highlighted when playing intense action games that utilize violent explosions and fast-paced scenes, or atmospheric horror games, where the game displays even the smallest particle and faintest eerie sound in incredible detail. Console games are typically played on a wide screen as well, further amping up the immersion.

Exclusive Games

There are numerous games that are exclusive to console, not available on mobile or even PC. This means that only console gamers have access to these exclusive games, earning another point against their competitors.


Consoles use controllers with joysticks and gamepads to receive input from the players. These physical controllers make it easier to navigate and control the characters, allowing for more advanced and demanding gameplay and increased comfort and response times for the user.


PS4 came out way back in 2013, more than a whole decade ago and there are still several high-quality PS4 games being churned out today. Their relevance is expected to last long even after the release of the PS5, considering their impressive playerbase. If you are to purchase the new PS5, it’s almost a guarantee that it’ll be beyond 2030 before you have to consider any upgrades.

Mobile: The People’s Choice

Mobile gaming, once limited to the famous Snake game on Nokia, is now capable of a vast array of games thanks to improvement in mobile technology, allowing it to run more sophisticated games.

Pocketable Hardware

There is no other gadget as widely and commonly used as the smartphone. People use it for their everyday needs: calls, messaging, and even gaming. The smartphone’s portable size and versatility makes it easier for you to have access to your favorite games wherever you go.

Game Variety

The amount of games for mobile phones are rapidly booming, especially in certain genres such as casual games and MOBA. Smartphones even have access to games on the internet as well such as mobile-friendly browser games and online casinos. These casinos offer a wide range of games, including pokies, a popular term for slots in Australia. These games are reviewed based on integrity, safety, and bonuses and are listed on the site to help players find the quality game of their choice.


An overlooked aspect of mobile games is the affordability of the games themselves, along with the device. While the latest smartphones can easily command a daunting price tag, even mid-tier smartphones are capable of running most mobile games at a respectable quality. The fact that you’ll use that smartphone for other purposes too makes it an easier purchase to swallow. Most mobile games are free-to-play too, allowing you to enjoy its plethora of games without having to spend a dime, unless you choose to opt for in-game purchases.

The Verdict

Both gaming platforms boast unique benefits that the other can’t ever replicate. You might be able to play your mobile games while waiting on the train, but once you get home, the consoles’ distinct and gaming-centered features offer a more immersive gaming experience. Both possess exclusive games that neither can penetrate into, with both shining in certain genres that don’t necessarily overlap. Overall, neither exactly beats the other. Both present unique benefits that don’t step on the others’ toes and there’s no reason not to choose one over the other, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.