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A New Level of Skill in PlayStation Games: Discover New Strategies and Techniques!

PlayStation Esports is a platform and host for various events that is experiencing an increase in popularity recently. It unites many fans of such games as Tekken, Guilty Gear, FIFA23, NBA2K23, and more.

By the way, reputable Canadian sportsbook GGBet offers pre-match and live betting on the events within these games’ tournaments. As for the latest news, they are mostly related to R6, including problems with the long-awaited update and the important South Breach Finals event.

Release of Granblue Fantasy: Relink

The PlayStation Esports community is looking forward to the next Granblue Fantasy Fes. The main reason is the presentation of one of the most promising games called Granblue Fantasy: Relink by Cygames. Many experts, as well as esports fans, are already talking about its great potential for inclusion in PS esports tournaments.

During the festival, a trailer is planned to describe the action, visuals, and other features. The demonstration will include a description of the main hero’s story, as well as fragments of multiplayer quests.

As you know, this game allows you to play in a single mode against the CPU. Also, players can join alliances and complete quests with other people. At the moment of writing, it is known that you can play as many as 11 characters. However, this is still not all.

The developer team has officially announced that there will be additional characters that they can add after the official game release. Initially, this will be in the form of free updates.

2 More Teams Joined R6 South Breach Finals

Fans of two top teams (G2 Esports and Team Secret) were excited after the recent news about their qualification for the R6 South Breach Finals. This became known as soon as both teams successfully entered the off-season stage, leading the standings of the Europa League championship.

They received eleven and seven points, respectively. Notably, for the first time in the history of the European tournament, representatives of the top league competed for Tubarão. The main reason is that the Portuguese operator was blocked on only 3 of the 10 maps. Also, esports fans were pleasantly surprised by the teams’ rosters.

So, for example, Team Secret added three experienced players, including Oscar Deacon, Mark Steinmann, and Jordan Morley. Thanks to the perfect teamwork and professionalism of the coaches, G2 Esports started the qualification with a literally crushing score. The team managed to get a 7-1 lead over Into The Breach.

A little later, it became known that won over Rogue with a score of 7-3. After completing the 1 set of team matches, Team Secret lost to G2 Esports during the long overtime. It is worth noting that this was literally their only loss during this event.

Y8S4 delay for R6

Recently, R6 fans were unpleasantly surprised by Ubisoft’s official statement announcing a delay of the Y8S4 release day. What’s more, it happened exactly that day when most players planned to install this update and test all the perks it would bring.

The Rainbow Six fans are currently frankly angry since such unpleasant news can affect upcoming esports tournaments. Moreover, the overall situation when the developer does not announce such changes in advance is annoying.

The main novelties of the patch were supposed to be the “Deep Freeze” operation, as well as major changes to the “Operator” map. According to Ubisoft’s official representatives, they decided to delay the release because of the need for additional testing.

According to their words, they focus on the best gaming experience for their users, which is their main priority.  At that time, they emphasized that the release was postponed for an indefinite period since it was quite difficult to fix all the problems at the moment. As for now, the main aspect of the changes will be Operation Deep Freeze, where players will be able to choose an additional Tubarao operator.

He is supposed to have extra powerful skills that will definitely make him one of the favorite operators. What’s more, there are plans to launch a new playlist that will replace THunt. Other features include a P2P marketplace and a bunch of fixes to improve stability and availability.