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Me & My Katamari Preview

Scheduled release date:
January 2006 (Japan)

Namco has an early playable demo of Katamari Damacy PSP for play at the Tokyo Game Show. Graphically, the game looks identical to the PS2 version. Load times are shorter. From our hands-on time, we've also learned that levels will be all-new, not taken from either of the two PS2 games. In Katamari Damacy PSP, the young prince is rolling his Katamari to help clean up after a messy tsunami. Timely.

Gameplay hasn't changed from the PS2 games. The goal of the game is still to pick up objects, animals, and people into the sticky katamari before time runs out. Some of the settings this time around feature fat islanders, leafy palm trees, and angry monkeys.

The controls work perfectly, if you view the four main buttons like a second directional pad. Pressing up and triangle moves the katamari forward. Pressing down and X moves it backwards. To turn, you can press up and X to steer right or down and triangle to steer left. Basically, Katamari fans, go pick up your PS2 controllers and imagine using the buttons like a directional pad.

Perhaps the best news of all, Katamary Damacy PSP will come out in Japan in January 2006 and ship to North America later in the Spring.

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