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Intelligent License Preview

Scheduled release date:
May 26, 2005 (Japan)

Intelligent License is a puzzle game with an Orwellian twist.

When you look at the screen shots, you see a game that resembles Metal Gear Solid VR Missions. That's not too far off. Although there are 13 different puzzle types in the game, the main goal in each of them is the same: get to the other side of the room without being hurt or noticed. Some puzzles involve pushing around boxes and activating switches. Others involve dodging laser beams or sneaking past security guards. In every case, you want to complete the puzzle as fast as possible. High scores and completion times are kept, as are IQ scores.

Yes, you read that right– IQ scores .

Intelligent License was developed under the watchful eye of Kyoto University professor Masuo Koyasu, who attained notoriety for developing an alternative to the age-old IQ test. His own measure is called the PQ, which stands for "practical intelligence quotient." It tests someone's intelligence based on his or her ability to solve spatial puzzles. The puzzles in the game incorporate Koyasu's measures. As you solve them, the game will tell you what your own PQ/IQ score is.

What's more, you can upload and compare your own PQ score to those of other people by logging onto the Intelligent License server using the PSP's infrastructure wi-fi capability.

This game probably will never see the light of day in the English speaking world, but we wanted to bring it to our readers' attention because it has just the right combination of easy controls and challenging gameplay that puzzle fanatics love. The d-pad (for movement) and the circle button (to activate and grab things) are the only controls the game uses. Many of the puzzles are very challenging, however, and require the player to lift, rotate, and manage multiple shapes and items at one time.

Intelligent License for the PSP goes on sale in Japan on May 26th for the suggested price of 4800 yen (that's about $55 from an import shop).

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