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New Slimmer PSP Detailed

The rumors of a redesigned PSP have been circulating for months, but Sony hasn't confirmed any details. However, Kotaku claims to have solidified many of those details thanks to "sources close to Sony."

Apparently, there are many changes for this sleek new PSP, but it still retains the same hardware. The system will be slimmer than before, featuring a snazzy new LED screen that takes up less space. Furthermore, thanks to the LED, the battery life of the portable increases significantly (perhaps four times longer). As for the UMD drive, that'll stick around, but it should be a faster version that will enable quicker load times. The button layout – which has suffered from criticism – have been revamped, and the D-pad is now more like a PS3 pad, which should satisfy many gamers. And lastly, the new PSP comes equipped with 8GBs of internal flash memory.

Sony is currently debating other features, like the possibility of a built-in camera. Rumors surrounding a touch screen appear to be false, as that's something that won't arrive until Sony releases their next handheld. Kotaku says Sony hasn't decided on a price for this new PSP as of yet, but they're trying to keep it under $170. They're going to start production in the next few weeks, and the redesigned PSP will make its grand entrance in July at this year's E3. Well, provided all this is true, this should help increase PSP sales, right? It sounds like a very sweet little device, that's for sure.

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