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New Sly Cooper Titles Revealed In PSM

The PS2 had a great assortment of top-notch platformers, and one of the more overlooked franchises was Sly Cooper , which always took a backseat to the likes of Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter . However, Sly had several top-notch installments, and the agile raccoon has his share of fans. Those fans are gonna be happy when they read the latest issue of PSM, too.

The magazine sports an interview with Sucker Punch, and during the talk, they mention that we should expect to see Sly Cooper 4 -presumably for the PS3 – at E3, and an exclusive new Sly for the PSP as well. As for the slick new fourth installment, the developers had this to say:

"The graphics have been majorly overhauled and the gameplay will be more varied and focused this time around. We're aiming for a fully interactive 3-d world, with no loads and seamless interaction between settings and characters."

Why do we assume it's for the PS3? Because the two Sly games are slated to come out simultaneously and they will have connectivity with one another! This will be the first time we've seen this in the new generation; a game coming out at the same time for PS3 and PSP, and featuring connectivity as a bonus right off the bat. Let's hope the games have a good E3 showing, because it certainly sounds like a fun idea.

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15 years ago

awesome news if true


why not break the NDA and post the KZ2 review. I am sure u can pull it after some minutes

Why not break the NDA just like MEGAMERS and gain millions of traffic

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