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LocoRoco Creator: “PSP Has Too Many Sequels”

Despite the fact that sequels tend to sell extremely well, and despite the fact that sequels tend to be even better than the original game, some people don't like them. Well, to be more specific, some don't like how many sequels there are, especially for the PSP. LocoRoco creator Tsutomu Houno recently told that there are simply too many sequels on Sony's portable, and he plans to do something about it.

As he said at the Nordic Games Conference earlier this week-

"We need to make more new games for PSP, not just sequels. We have to increase the number of casual games, games that LocoRoco players will want to play."

Well, that's a nice way to combine a plug for your own game with a semi-political videogame-related statement. Kouno's creation is certainly unique (the game may actually appear on the PS3), so he's got a right to say what he thinks. Besides, he's hardly the only one from the "too many sequels" school of thought. And he'll practice what he preaches, too.

"There are too many sequels for PSP, only sequels, so I want to make a new game for PSP," he said. "I have many ideas, but I can't make them all because I am only one person. I have five or six new game ideas either for PSP or PS3, but I actually want to make them for PSP – for the people who bought LocoRoco, or bought a PSP because of LocoRoco, and like casual games."

We can always use original ideas, and we applaud Kouno's ambition. We know developers and publishers love to cash in on a good idea by making a sequel or two, but now, the majority of the most anticipated games are sequels (kinda). Those games will be great, true, but without unique and original ideas to drive the industry forward, we might get stuck in a rut. And gamers appreciate the creative effort; remember Katamari Damacy ? So we can't wait to see what this guy might have planned for the PS3…

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