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Crave Announces Napoleon Dynamte For PSP, DS

It began with a spectacular Sundance Film Festival showing, then proceeded to take the world by storm as a quickly-established cult classic: "Napoleon Dynamite" marked the arrival of new funny-man Jon Heder, and also depicted the brutally frank existence of one of the downtrodden students known as "geeks." Its dry humor hit the target perfectly, but could it really make a good video game?

Crave Entertainment announced yesterday that they'd be creating a game based on the wildly successful comedy, and it will feature all the main characters from the movie. That's right, you'll get to interact with the virtual versions of Kip, Uncle Rico, Pedro, Tina the Llama, and obviously, Napoleon Dynamite. What in God's name we're actually going to do with these characters escapes our imagination for the time being, but it's still an interesting idea. They'll be making the game for both the PSP and DS.

We just have one question: will the end of the game be like a rhythm/dance game, when Napolean busts a move on stage? And what about Grandma's excursion to the dunes? Would that be like an off-road racing section? Or Uncle Rico's stuck-in-the-past football videos…what about those? We gonna go all Madden in this game? Look, we honestly have no idea what they're planning for Napoleon Dynamite , but we can't wait to hear more about it. It's just so…strange.

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