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Interview Drops More WipeOut Pulse Details

The WipeOut series is about ready to speed onto the PSP, and will eventually find its way to the PS3 as well. Thanks to a recent interview over at Eurogamer , we've got some more details concerning the PSP installment, WipeOut Pulse .

They're talking all about improved controls (we thought the control in these games was pretty damn good to begin with, but whatever), alternative track designs, downloading our own MP3s for new music, and even a sweet "create-a-campaign" mode! The interview also touches on the fact that the Disruptor weapon (featured in the PS1's WipeOut XL ) has been discarded, but it's being replaced by several new weapons. We don't have the names for them just yet, but we've heard that one can mess with your HUD…we're not sure if that would be useless or uber-frustrating.

But perhaps best of all is the mention of downloadable content, because they really do it right for WipeOut . Remember WipeOut Pure ? The content was a-flowin' for that game for months, and it appears we can expect the same thing from Pulse . Extra tracks? Vehicles? Weapons? Sure, we can hope for it all! The game is scheduled for some time later this year.

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