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PSP Price Drop in Europe

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe announced today an official price drop for the PSP in Euroland to take effect on May 4th. The new price is now 129.99-pounds for the UK, and 169.99 Euros for the rest of Europe. The European price drop comes shortly after the North American one that dropped the PSP to $169.99.

On top of that, Sony has dropped five platinum titles down to 14.99-pounds, Ridge Racer 2, Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Killzone: Liberation, LocoRoco and Moto GP. "PSP is unique and is constantly evolving. It offers the widest palette of mobile entertainment, from gaming to video, music, photos and Internet," said SCE UK managing director Ray Maguire. "But now the exciting possibility of connecting remotely to PlayStation 3 makes PSP more relevant than ever. So what better time to offer a brand new price point, and the launch of five new Platinum titles?"

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