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BloodRayne Coming To PSP

Majesco announced today that its popular BloodRayne action-horror series will be coming to the Sony PSP handheld. The new game is being developed by longtime handheld developer Full Fat (they did the GBA Tony Hawk games, FYI) and will be released later this fall.

"BloodRayne has built a loyal following of fans and established herself as one of interactive entertainment's most popular action heroines," said Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing for Majesco. "We're thrilled to see our franchise expand into the handheld arena and believe its fast-paced acrobatic combat will make BloodRayne a must-have game for the PSP handheld system."

BloodRayne for the PSP handheld system will explore BloodRayne's own purpose and history, explaining and resurrecting 'dead' characters from previous games while developing new characters specifically for the PSP handheld system. Players engage in extremely brutal combat with a unique "kill system" based on racking up high scores by linking chains and combos, and gaining valuable bonus multipliers. The "kill system" also allows players to develop their character by unlocking devastating new moves. Additionally, the game will include a two-player, co-op multiplayer mode.

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