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Capcom Prepares Niche PSP Fighter

Capcom keeps chugging along with their PSP titles, and they're doing quite well so far. They've already nailed down the prestigious honor of having the first two million-sellers on Sony's portable – both Monster Hunter titles – but now they're going for more of a niche demographic.

Perhaps you haven't heard of the Fate/Stay Night series, but for your information, it's a conversation-style action/adventure game that did very well when it was released on the PC in 2004. And now, Capcom is creating a game based on that series, entitled Fate Tiger Colosseum , which blends fighting and action…even though those are essentially the same thing in the video game world.

You'll be able to play as your favorite characters from the series in both single and multiplayer battles. The story mode should be quite fleshed out, primarily due to the supervision of the original title's screenwriter. Obviously, it's a pretty big deal in Japan, so it won't hit too hard in North America – even if it gets released here – but even so, it looks like a promising little game.

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