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PSP Tactics Offers Sneak Peak At DS Tactics

DS owners are getting Final Fantasy Tactics A2 , which is a brand new adventure in the Tactics universe, and PSP owners are stuck with the updated remake of the original PS1 classic. However, this is good news for PSP owners for two reasons: 1. some people out there never had the pleasure of playing Final Fantasy Tactics , and we believe it has a good chance of being superior to A2 , anyway. 2. Square-Enix has a little secret embedded in the PSP game…

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, A2 's main character, Luso, will be a playable character in the remake of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP. He will hold the "Mob Hunter" job, which means PSP players will actually see Luso before DS owners! Yeah, it's a small consolation, but hey, it's still pretty interesting. Besides, it might prompt single-handheld owners to buy the other…

We have yet to see a North American release for either title, but Japan will get the FFT remake on May 10.

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