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PSP Price Drop Not For Japan

By now, eager would-be PSP owners have already ingested the announcement that the Core Pack had dropped in price . However, some of the more savvy gamers occasionally import from Japan in order to save some bucks, so we should disabuse you of that notion regarding the PSP: Sony does not intend to drop the price in Japan.

Impress Watch posed the question to Sony yesterday, and SCE simply replied- "This is something that is decided for each market," responded a PR rep with the company. "We do not have plans to drop the price in Japan."

This seems somewhat strange, especially considering how far behind the DS the PSP is in Japan. Nintendo's portable has outsold Sony's portable by a 3:1 ratio in that country (15 million to 5 million), so one might've expected the price drop to hit there first…but as it turns out, they won't get the drop at all. But that doesn't mean it will never happen, so stay positive, Japanese gamers!

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