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New Tales For PSP, Another Tales Ready?

PSP owners got another solid RPG today, as Namco Bandai released Tales of Destiny 2 for Sony's handheld. But perhaps more intriguing is that the publisher revealed there would soon be a "surprising announcement" concerning the popular series. The Tales Channel website sports evidence of this upcoming announcement, and says they'll spill the beans on February 21.

The Tales Channel has always tried to generate some drama by issuing announcements of future "surprise" announcements, but they've rarely been earth-shattering. Usually, it just ends up being another Tales game, but hey, you never know…maybe they're planning it for the PS3, or something. Maybe they've been secretly developing the next-gen title for a while, and it's very close to being complete. Who knows?

Well, we'll all know in less than one week's time. Hopefully, the news is something both "surprising" and good .

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