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PSP Pockets Girls Gone Wild For Pool

Pocket Pool . Heh…get it?

No, seriously, the inuendo is supposed to be implied, here. It's not just about sinking that nine in the corner pocket with all the pressure in the world on your shoulders. It's also about beating hot chicks to unlock their image galleries and video clips. You don't believe us? Publisher Conspiracy Entertainment confirmed today with GameSpot that they've acquired the "Girls Gone Wild" license for this decidedly adult game, which means we should expect some nudity.

We're not really sure what Conspiracy will be using the license for, exactly, but you can check it out at their official website . We're also not sure if any other games will be carrying that now-popular "Girls Gone Wild" brand, but hey, we have imaginations. We can guess.

The game is scheduled for an April release, and despite the other "appeals," the game will also boast a dozen different kinds of pool; 9-ball, 8-ball, Straight pool, Snooker, etc. Of course, the game will be rated "M" for excessive violence and language…just kidding, you know why it's rated "M."

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