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Sony to Allow Exchange of PSP’s with Dead Pixels

There has been some concern raised lately about whether or not Sony will honor the PSP one-year warranty for "dead pixel" or "stuck pixel" issues. Initially, Sony told retailers that dead or stuck pixels would not be a valid criteria for returns or exchanges. Due to customer outcry, however, it seems the company is backing down on the issue.

If you don't know what dead or stuck pixels are, check out Page 13 of the PSP instruction manual, which says: "Red, blue, or green spots (bright spots) or black spots (dark spots) may appear in certain locations on the LCD screen. The appearance of such spots is a normal occurrence associated with LCD screens and not a sign of malfunction."

When we contacted our Sony rep today, he told us that "customers should play the system for a week or two and see if the dead or stuck pixels interfere with viewing." If so, Sony "will support the PSP limited warranty."

PSP owners that want to contact the company about possibly exchanging the unit can do so by calling the SCEA Customer Service Department at 1-800-345-7669.

Meanwhile, if you do have dead or stuck pixels and don't want to go that route, many retailers have been exchanging the systems anyway as a courtesy to their customers. You should contact the store where you bought your PSP from, or ask a store manager before purchasing a PSP, to find out that particular store's return / exchange policy. Stores such as EB Games, GameStop, and Best Buy offer "no questions asked" product replacement plans (that cost between $25-$40), which will allow you to exchange your PSP for another one anytime during the plan period.

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