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Rumor: Vice City Stories On PS2?

Rockstar is still hard at work on Grand Theft Auto 4 , but in the meantime, they may plan to bring another GTA title to yet another platform. After all, they've done it in the past, delivering several PSP spin-offs, and then bringing them over to the PS2.

This PSP-to-PS2 conversion was a success for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories , so of course, it seems a distinct possibility that Rockstar would consider porting Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories as well. According to a recent edition of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), GTA: VCS for the PS2 is not only a possibility, but it already exists. These lists are often reliable, so perhaps we'll just choose to believe it as fact.

Of course, one of the reasons LCS did so well was that attractive budget price of $20, and we're not sure if VCS will boast that same price tag. Either way, though, it's just more fanservice for the GTA fans, and you know what? We don't mind at all.

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