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Driver Series Returns On PSP

When GT Interactive and Atari released Driver on the PS1, it was the start of a very popular franchise that consistently received moderate critical acclaim. And now, after acquiring the game rights last year, Ubisoft has announced they'll be continuing the series on the PSP in the form of Driver 76 , a brand new installment with 27 total missions.

Atari did a fine job and everything, but we can't be disappointed in Driver 's new publisher. After all, Ubisoft has been responsible for some of the finest creations in the game world, especially in the past few years. And for Driver 76 , they're bringing a serious amount of atmosphere and flair by including '70s music and vehicles (muscle cars, baby!), an abundance of intense car races, and even six different storylines.

The game will also boast numerous multiplayer options, including Street Racing, Destruction Derby, Pink Slip Racing, and Swap Meet. And to go along with the PSP's capabilities, Ubisoft will further add downloadable content, such as paint jobs and perhaps even extra cars. When they give us an estimated release date, we'll be sure to let ya know.

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