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PAL Portable Ops Receives More Content

The PAL version of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops has yet to see release (set for April of this year), but good things come to those who wait: the game will feature additional content.

According to today's press release, the PAL Ops will boast new maps, characters and missions. In fact, we'll see twelve new characters, although we're not sure who they might be, or how they might alter the story. Furthermore, Konami has slightly changed and expanded existing character careers, apparently to provide a stronger focus on key attributes (like strength, for example).

The multiplayer gameplay will also get an enhancement, as they're including two new maps, ultimately bringing the total number available to 10. And lastly, a whole new gameplay mode, called "Boss Battle," is ready to go for the PAL version. Supposedly, the mode rewards players "with new recruitable characters on offing one of the game's larger adversaries".

So all you in the PAL regions should thank Konami for making your wait that much easier.

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