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Konami Hints At Portable Ops Sequel

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Konami's latest Metal Gear Solid installment on PSP is gaining some serious praise and attention. After all, it was easily one of the top titles for Sony's handheld in 2006, and many owners have clamored to obtain a copy of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops . Now, thanks to all that success, there is the distinct possibility of a sequel.

Earlier this week, the assistant producer for Kojima Productions, Ryan Payton, held a PSM podcast. In the presentation, Payton alluded to another MGS for the PSP in the form of a Portable Ops sequel, provided the original sells enough.

"If it's successful on the retail level there will definitely be a sequel," he said.

No big shock there. But the question is, can the MGS franchise become as popular on the PSP as it is on the larger consoles? Is the market there? How many people have purchased Portable Ops so far? We believe the number is inching ever higher, and it's likely the game enjoyed solid holiday sales, but Konami hasn't released any official sales numbers yet.

So if you want that sequel and don't yet own the original, be a team player and pick it up today.

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