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PSP And Big Brother Sign On In UK

Reality TV fans in England probably know all about "Celebrity Big Brother," but they probably weren't aware of how that show relates to the PSP.

Channel 4 and wi-fi provider The Cloud have inked a deal to allow PSP users to get all the latest "Big Brother" news on the handheld through podcasts. As part of the 4Radio online broadcast lineup, these podcasts can be downloaded free of charge as part of a two-month trial, which begins today. In addition to "Big Brother," the lineup also features other online shows like SlashMusic and Morning News.

It's easy as pie to gain access to these programs. All you have to do is locate a Cloud spot (don't worry, there are over 7,500 found in coffee shops, airports, hotels, and train stations throughout the country), load up the PSP browser, and you'll automatically be redirected to the 4Radio homepage. Sony has worked to fully optimize that page for use with the PSP, and according to reports, it's loaded with "bold and mischievous radio programming", so says Nathalie Schwarz, Director of Channel 4 Radio.

"For the digitally savvy generation too much radio programming feels tired and formulaic", said Schwarz. "Becoming the first broadcaster to make radio content available wirelessly on PSPs will help 4Radio connect with a young, mobile audience making our programming easily available whenever and wherever they want."

It's an intriguing idea, to be sure, but how many people will take advantage of this nifty option? Only time will tell…

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