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MGS: Portable Ops Arrives!

Konami has just announced that the PSP's first true action Metal Gear Solid game, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, has officially been shipped, and should be in most stores on Wednesday. Portable Ops is technically a sequel to the events that occurred in MGS3, as it takes place in the 1970s shortly after MGS3 ends. You are once again in control of Big Boss as the creation of the FOXHOUND unit is initially formed.

Portable Ops not only has a full fledged story, loaded with completely voice-driven dialogue with the proper voice-actors we all love, but it also has a terrifically robust online mode! In addition to that, Portable Ops takes an all new approach with the series, as you'll be able to recruit captured characters that you encounter during the game, and assign them various positions. Metal Gear fans owe it to themselves to pick up what may be one of the best playing games the series has ever seen.

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