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Another PSP Update Available

Wait, didn't they just update yesterday? Yes, they did, but today, Sony has released firmware update v3.01 directly on the heels of v3.00 for the PSP. As you can see from our PSP Connectivity feature yesterday, that 3.00 update held all the features we'd been waiting for. What else could possibly be included in 3.01? Well, it appears it's just another security patch.

PSP v3.01 has been designed strictly as a minor system repair, and unfortunately doesn't boast any new features or abilities. So if you're one of the handheld's owners, you might want to fire it up after getting your turkey fill. When we first saw the announcement, we harbored a futile hope that the update would include a feature that might allow the PSP to download those PS1 classics without the PS3. For now, only the PS3 has access to the PlayStation Store, so you must have a PS3 if you want to download and play any available PS1 games on the PSP. But it was not to be. Perhaps later.

Version 3.01 is available now in most territories, and as usual, you can either use the Network Update feature or head on over to the official PlayStation website .

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