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Konami Presents Limited Edition PSP “Body Armor”

When Konami wants to promote something, they generally do a darn fine job of promoting it. And if the name Metal Gear Solid is attached to the product, they tend to go all out.

With the impending December release of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for the PSP, Konami is presenting a limited edition gift at select retailers across North America. Any MGS enthusiasts who preorder the game at EB Games, GameStop, and GameCrazy stores, as well as, will be able to get the following:

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It's a free and quite unique custom "body armor" for the PSP console, which is designed to protect the system from scratches, scrapes, and general wear and tear. It also doesn't restrict the player's access to any of the PSP's features, as the controls, ports, and UMD bay are open. This sleek case comes in a commemorative gift box and even boasts some nifty Metal Gear Solid -themed artwork.

Okay, MGS fans. You know you want it. Head on out and get that pre-purchase receipt today.

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