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Capcom to Gamers: Dash of Infrastructure in Your Monster Hunter?

Monster Hunter still hasn't made a huge impact in the West. Even the mistitled "Freedom" version for the PSP tanked on shelves, partly due to its lack of Infrastructure mode online play – a crucial component to its popularity in Japan. How do you expect a game to sell when it's missing the key feature that makes it unique in the first place?

Thankfully, it seems that Capcom is listening to its fans. The following e-mail has been sent out to gamers:

"Hi there,

Remember the issues you had with the lack of infrastructure mode for Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP? Well, we’d like to get your help and also get the word out to your readers for their help in completing a survey that will help us get some hard research on the infrastructure mode for the game. This could help shape future games, so your assistance is much appreciated. Here’s where you can find the survey:

Capcom is really starting to put a huge emphasis on their community (and rightly so!). In addition to the relaunch of the Capcom website and community boards, surveys like this will help us connect with our fanbase and really listen to what they have to say (and in turn go back to the R&D teams to show them real proof of what people think.) Help us help you!

Thanks in advance"

If you're one of the few American Monster Hunter fans out there (and honestly, it's not a bad game, just mistreated on this side of the world), you can hit up the survey yourself and tell Capcom what you think. Who knows? Monster Hunter Freedom 2 might just feature that online action you've all been clamoring for!

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