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Agetec to Publish Armored Core PSP

It looks like Armored Core: Formula Front WILL make it to North America, courtesy of Agetec, the same company that has published all of the PS2 iterations here.

The game is slated to come out on April 5th, two weeks after the system's launch.

You can check out our preview of the game, as well as one of our colleague's hands-on impressions, by clicking the "PSP Previews" link over there to the left.

It remains to be seen how the North American consumer will take to a mech game that doesn't actually let you pilot the robots in your garage, but, longtime Armored Core fans may be drawn to the PSP game because it will feature parts and robots not found in the corresponding PS2 game (also called Formula Front)–which can be uploaded into the PS2 game by utilizing the online features of both systems.

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