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Konami Breaks Out Classic Shooters For PSP

After last year's popular Gradius Collection , Konami has decided Sony's handheld needs a few more classic shooters. Therefore, three new shooter bundles are on the way for the Japanese market, so you old-school fans can start salivating right about…now.

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, each of the following three collections will contain five games each (although one has been kept secret):

Salamander Portable

Parodius Portable

Twinbee Portable

And they did release a few details regarding the bonuses planned for each title. Famitsu confirmed that Salamander will boast original and wide modes of play, and Parodius will offer a gallery mode which lets the gamer hear classic sounds of the series. While it is possible these modes will be available in all the games, it's not a fact as of yet.

As for Twinbee , you'll be able to hold the PSP in the rarely-used vertical mode in order to mimic the original arcade machine. Obviously, this isn't something we'd expect to see in the other titles.

The three collections will be available to Japan in January, with each carrying a price tag of 3,980 yen. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, no U.S. versions have been announced.

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