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Japan Gets New PSP Bundle

Ah, we can already smell the chestnuts, peppermint sticks, and heady balsams, can't we? Yes, the holiday season is just around the corner, and to prepare for the consumer blitz, Sony will soon offer their first limited edition hardware bundle.

But as the PS2 is already old news and the PS3 is much too new to feature any kind of "bundle deal," Sony logically focuses on the PSP. The Bonus Pack will include the PSP unit (your choice of white or black), matching colored pouch, 1-Gig Memory Stick Pro Duo, USB cable, stand, AC adapter and battery pack. That's a whole lot o' nifty electronic devices, and it's set to hit retail stores in Japan on October 19.

But much like the 60GB PS3, this bundle is set for "open pricing," so retailers will simply slap on whatever price tag they wish. However, this bundle is very similar to last year's Giga Pack – minus the remote control, headphones, and cleaning cloth – so it probably won't cost more than the Giga Pack's 31,290 yen.

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