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TGS 2006: PSP Wireless Updates

While one of the PSP's most appealing factors is its online wireless capability, it's also severely underused. Even though there were several games that took advantage of this neat-o function at the PSP's launch, they've been few and far between since. But thankfully, Sony has used TGS 2006 as a chance to update all you handheld fans with some much-needed details regarding the future of PSP wireless.

Sony is handing out pamphlets at the show, highlighting certain PSP games and the status of their wireless online connectivity. The following is a summary of said pamphlet (source: IGN )-

Ape Escape Racer — Wireless local play.
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters — Wireless local and online features. They weren't specific in regards to these features.
Winning Eleven 10 — Wireless local play.
Monster Hunter Portable 2 — Wireless local play for four players and online connectivity. Online gameplay is not included here, even though this game was the #1 seller for PSP last year. However, added to this PSP game is the ability to download new levels of the game by connecting online.
Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception — Wireless local play.
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops — Wireless local and online play. This should be the biggie for online features in 2006, so watch for it.
Kingdom of Paradise 2: Busouden — Wireless local play and online connectivity. There is no wireless multiplayer, but you will be able to download new gear.
Parappa the Rapper — Wireless local play and Game Sharing.
Gundam Battle Royale — Wireless local play.
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology — Online connectivity. Multiplayer isn't available, but there might be some type of online leaderboard or else downloadable dungeons for this PSP game.
Boxer's Road 2: The Real — Wireless local play.
Mahjong Fight Club: National Competition Edition — Wireless local play, online connectivity and Game Sharing.
Dynasty Warriors Mahjong — Wireless local play.
P-Kara — Wireless local play and online connectivity. This rhythm-action music game actually boasts on its front menu its online features (including connections to So-Net and, for some reason, a dedicated SCEJ website or network), with its offline features looking primarily secondary.
Jeanne D'Arc (Level-5's strategy game) — No connectivity.
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core — No connectivity.
Hot Shots Golf Portable — GPS support. Wireless gameplay support wasn't detailed out on the TGS version (which is not playable), but it is notable in its GPS use.
Homestar Portable — GPS support. This is Sega's astronomy application, so don't look for online, here.
EDIA's GPS Navagation Software — GPS support, obviously. This program lets you navigate street corners in realtime using the GPS and local maps on UMD.

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