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Sony Confirms PSP Defects

Sony's Japan HQ has confirmed that the controller buttons on early Playstation Portable (PSP) units may become stuck in the "pressed" position. A free repair program has been announced, which is being handled through the company's

web site.

The defect occurs in part of the initial shipment of PSP units (sold in Japan in Nov/Dec 2004) and is caused by excess plastic not being completely removed during the molding and manufacturing process of the outer shell. When a button is pressed, it can become caught on the excess plastic and not return to its default position.

"This problem does not occur in the units produced in 2005," the company said, "and will not be present in units shipping to North America in March." Of the 510,000 units shipped in 2004, the company says roughly 10,000 may actually be defective.

Those of you that imported a PSP from Japan and have experienced the problem, will need to send the unit back to Japan in order to have it fixed (and hopefully have someone help you translate the Japanese-language instruction page).

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