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Prince Bringing Another Adventure To PSP

Ubisoft has been busy lately with PSP announcements (the latest coming a few days ago with Rainbow Six Vegas), and now they've got another one: Prince of Persia: Rival Swords for Sony's handheld will be the newest installment in the critically acclaimed franchise.

Scheduled for a 2006 European release and an early-2007 North American release, Rival Swords will feature several new gameplay elements and an intriguing storyline. The setting involves a dark plot where the Prince is hunted as a fugitive from justice, and he discovers the Sands of Time have tainted his blood. Some fans may remember the "Dark Prince" from The Two Thrones, and this alter-ego is a major facet of the latest PSP PoP.

One of the more original features can be selected in the main menu, where the intense chariot battles are immediately available from the start. And in addition to the single-player quest, the game will have multiplayer races through levels, where you can toss up obstacles and booby traps for your opponent.

More original content and more exclusive details points to another must-own Prince of Persia title.

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