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PSX Extreme is Hiring…

We are looking for a few good men and women to take part in contributing to PSX Extreme's everyday functions. We'd like an experienced, well versed writer who has a passion for videogames. And while this may be a Sony central destination, we strongly prefer someone that displays few, if any, console biases — you must have an open mind. Prior publication writing experience is a huge plus, but we won't overlook anybody with the proper credentials – so send them in! It also needs to be said that this is a paying position, so your time and effort will be compensated for. Additionally, we need someone who is reliable and purchases or rents new games often (although in many instances games will be supplied to you, per the site). This is not a first come, first served basis; each email will be reviewed individually and we'll select the best candidates.

If you feel like you fit the description, don't hesitate to contact: Arnoldk(at)poisemedia(dot)com.

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