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Unofficial PSP Movie Pricing Details

We've been pestering our sources inside of Sony Pictures to give us the lo-down on how much the company's UMD movies for PSP will cost (see

for full background), and after much chiding, we finally got some answers.

Although still unofficial, our sources were willing to tell us that movies from Sony Pictures on UMD will be priced comparitively to DVD. The first batch of 4 films will range in price from $14.99 to $19.99.

We inquired as to whether or not these discs will include "special features" such as commentaries and trailers, and our source did confirm that each disc will include a set of special features, but that due to space concerns (a UMD can store about half as much data as a DVD disc) the extent of those features probably would not be as comprehensive as the corresponding DVD release.

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