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Famitsu Strikes Again

We posted a story yesterday about a new PSP title being announced – a sequel to a popular game, in fact. That has since been confirmed as being Monster Hunter Portable 2. While the franchise never really caught on over here, it sold fairly well in Japan and the first PSP game is one of the best-selling pieces of software on the platform to date.

The Phantasy Star Online-esque gameplay was always meant for online play and the lack of that feature was disappointing in Monster Hunter Portable. This time around, though, things seem to have changed. While we can't 100% confirm all of these features (they come from a translation of the article, which runs the risk of getting the wording wrong), they should help Monster Hunter catch on in the Western world:

-New Snow Areas
-New Story
-Ad Hoc and Infrastructure(!!!) multiplayer included
-New Weapons and Equipment
-Downloadable Content

If that wasn't enough, we've got another Famitsu rumor on our hands – another PSP announcement coming next week and the only clues we have to what it might be are the words "simulation RPG." Traditionally a genre reserved for tactical strategy games, that could mean anything a new Final Fantasy Tactics to another Generations of Chaos (blech!). We don't want to perpetuate the idea that the PSP suffers from a lack of games, but it needs a leg up wherever it can get one! So let's hope the next announcement is a tad more exciting for gamers on this side of the planet, too.

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