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Field Commander in Stores

Starting today, Sony Online Entertainment's turn-based military strategy game, Field Commander, is now available for purchase at all major retailers.

Field Commander is SOE's answer to Nintendo's Advance Wars . The game involves turn-based combat and includes a lengthy single player campaign as well as four multiplayer modes (online & map sharing).

Here's an excerpt from the PSX Extreme review :

"Although they've named it Field Commander, this new game from Sony Online Entertainment is so much like Advance Wars that the similarities far outweigh the differences. The 3D graphics and mature presentation lend SOE's product its own unique personality, for better or worse, but the underlying gameplay shamlessly and happily copies every nuance of the formula that was once exclusive to Nintendo's platforms.

That's not to say that the folks at SOE didn't implement a few tweaks here and there, because they certainly did. Most notable is the inclusion of online-based multiplayer play, the one feature that Nintendo never bothered to implement in its series (much to the chagrin of fans like myself)."

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