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Atari Drops A HOT PXL on the PSP

The deluge of pre-E3 announcements continues, once again with the promise of more details at the actual event. This item comes from Atari which has announced a fast-paced, hip-hop influenced collection of mini-games called HOT PXL. Taking obvious cues from Nintendo's Wario Ware, HOT PXL includes over 200 different tasks, some inspired by the company's own gaming legacy. Though not entirely original, the hip-hop angle should be interesting and it fills in a gap in the PSP's library that is currently only occupied by Baito Hell 2000, a Japanese game that I can tell you will absolutely never make it to the US – not because it's too Japanese, but because it's

. Either way, Atari's original contribution to the portable's line up is no doubt another feather in Sony's cap.

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