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New Ghosts ‘N Goblins PSP Info

Previously under the moniker of Extreme Ghosts 'n Ghosts, the newest game to feature everyone's favorite habitually pants-less knight has been retitled Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins. Japanese site GameWatch released the story, citing the name change and a quote mentioning that it will be even harder than the rest of the games in the series! To help Arthur in his quest is a new item – a shield. They'll come in various varities and can even be used when he has no armor left. In GnG tradition, they'll be in place in out-of-the-way spots guarded by plenty of nasty monsters eager to grind your bones into dust. All of the shields serve the same function of guarding against attacks, but they will be classed in terms of durability, or the number of strikes they can take before breaking. This addition will surely help take the bite out of the added difficulty.

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